order via ‘Mr Yum’ QR code at table or with crew member check out our daily ‘baked’ pastry selection at the counter
‘baked’ traditional french croissant 9.5 warm house baked croissant, ‘lurpak’ butter & house preserve   sourdough toast or sourdough fruit toast 9.5 2 slices, ‘lurpak’ butter, house jam or honey   banana bread & berries 16 (v) grilled banana bread, berry compote, mascarpone, house granola   korean kimchi & 4 cheese toastie 18 (v) 4 cheeses, kimchi, chives, sesame on toasted sourdough    gloaming farm’ free range eggs & sourdough toast 14 (v) 2 gloaming farm free range eggs your way, toasted sourdough, ‘lurpak’ butter add | streaky bacon, avo, haloumi, hash brown, mushrooms, fries, GF toast   halloumi & egg roll 17 (v) grilled halloumi, fried egg, potato bun, tomato chutney, rocket, onion rings   bacon & egg roll 18 streaky bacon, fried egg, potato bun, special sauce, rocket, onion rings add  |  avo, halloumi, fries   eggs mediterranean 20 (v)  2 poached free range eggs, feta yoghurt, confit tomatoes fresh herbs, chili oil, toasted sourdough add  | bacon, halloumi, avocado, poached egg, fries   ‘baked’s’ avo on toast 20 | half serve 14 (v) smashed avocado, confit cherry tomatoes, ricotta salata, microgreens, toasted sourdough add | bacon, fried halloumi, poached egg, mushies, hash brown, fries, GF toast

My Awesome Headline

BAKED BREAKFAST BENNIES choose sourdough toast or sourdough crumpets green benny 20 | half serve 14 (v) 2 poached organic eggs, avocado, baby spinach, hollandaise bacon benny 23 | half serve 15 2 poached organic eggs, streaky bacon, baby spinach, hollandaise add | fried haloumi, streaky bacon, avo, hash brown, fries beef brisket 'sloppy joe’ burger 22 pulled slow cooked brisket, jalapeno mayo, slaw, american cheddar cheese, hash brown, potato bun add | bacon, avo, fried halloumi, fried egg, side fries
BAKED SUMMER BOWLS acai bowl (ve) (df) (gf) 18 acai, fresh seasonal fruits, peanut butter whip, coconut clusters
crumbed eggplant & brown rice ‘poke’ (gf) (df) (ve) 24 brown rice, dry slaw, edamame, nori, pickled ginger, pickled onion, soy glaze, vegan aioli
karaage chicken & brown rice ‘poke’ (gf) 26 brown rice, dry slaw, edamame, nori, pickled ginger, pickled onion, soy glaze, kewpie mayo
summer salad bowl 22 (v) (gf) quinoa, roast summer vegetables, rocket, spinach, goat cheese, seeds, crispy kale, green goddess dressing add | crispy karaage chicken 8,crumbed eggplant (gf) 6 rosemary fries rosemary & seasalt, ‘special’ sauce bowl 12 | side 6
add a little something to any dish extra egg 4 |  grilled halloumi 5  | avocado 5 | side fries 6 thyme roast mushrooms 4 | streaky bacon strips 6 | crispy korean chicken 7 10% Weekend & 15% Public Holiday Surcharge v=vegetarian ve=vegan df=dairy free gf=gluten free

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